NB093 DVD Player Remote Control from the front
NB093 DVD Player Remote Control fron the back

NB093 DVD Player Remote Control

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This black NB-093 remote control has buttons for standby/on, display, search mode, open/close, audio, subtitle, angle, repeat, clear, a-b, pause, skip, slow, setup, top menu, mode, enter, zoom, and return.

The NB093 Remote Control operates a simple DVD player.

This NB093 remote was used with several other brands also such as Magnavox, Sylvania, Philips, Emerson, and Funai. There were a very large number of these DVD players that were produced and you may notice minor variations such as the sticker on the back or the color printed on the buttons which was usually black or blue. These minor variations do not affect operation.

We also have the NB091 remote control, which is a very similar model.