The Olympus RM-2, Our Smallest Remote Control

This remote is used to remotely operate the shutter on Olympus digital cameras from the E and C system series. At only 2 and 1/4 inches, it's the smallest remote we have.

Before they came out with remotes for this, the person would have to get everyone in place and then initiate a countdown on the camera and run back into frame, position themselves, smooth their hair and clothes and smile. This was rather difficult and the photos often ended up with pictures of the photographer's back as they ran back to get into place or not properly in place or posed as they wished.

It was also dangerous to be running around while looking over one's shoulder when taking photos in high places such as the top of a building or mountain or with rocks or sharp objects laying around.



Eventually the length of the countdown was extended and often the amount of time was a lot more than what was imagined, so people would not be able to hold in position and the photo would not be as good as everyone holding a position while a photographer counts down.

Yes, life was very difficult in the olden days. Imagine doing this whole process before digital cameras even and unless you heard the shutter sound, there was no way to know if the film had captured the back of the photographer running to get into place and you needed to take another one. The addition of some sounds made it somewhat easier but usually the clicks were loud enough to hear unless it was really windy or the camera was far away.

Hopefully this will give you a better appreciation for this technology, any old photos you see, and for our suffering back in the good old days.

If you need a replacement for the Olympus RM-2 remote, for your digital camera, we have them here.

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