Now Carrying Replacement Parts for Suntime Gazebo/Tent/Canopy/Awnings

We love our solar-powered shade tent that we use for promotions and sales. As a dealer of hard to find parts, we realized that no one was carrying parts for these canopies. When you're frequently packing something up and transporting it, it can be easy to lose parts of it. Maybe you need a spare, just in case. Maybe the campfire got just a little too close. We've got you covered.

We also have some weights that can be used to keep your gazebo from blowing away. These are able to be filled with dirt, sand, or gravel on-site so you won't waste fuel transporting heavy iron or lead wights. On top of that, you won't hurt your back having to pick them up, carry them out of your house, then hoist them into your vehicle, then on arrival, pick them up out of your vehicle, CARRY them to your set-up site, and then do it all over again in reverse! With four 28lb weights, this would be 112lbs total but with these, you can just dump them out when you are finished and not have to carry all that weight around. They are so convenient!

  • Mesh sidewalls
  • Carrying case/bag
  • Vent cover
  • Solar Panel
  • Tent cover
  • Weights
  • Frame (TBA)
  • Tent pegs (TBA)
  • Brackets (TBA)

We may have the frame, brackets, frame, and tent pegs available later.

Please note that the post image does not include all the parts that we have available such as the vent cover.

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