How to Keep the DirecTV Channel Guide From Filling the Whole Screen: How to Use the One-Line Guide

Have you ever needed to check the guide but you’re busy watching something and don’t want the guide to pop up and fill up the whole screen? The solution to that is the One-Line Guide.

Maybe you want to know what time this show started or what time it ends or how much is left. I started doing this in suspenseful movies as a way to predict the plot or raise or lower my expectations. Yes, I’m kind of an impatient person but it’s not just that. If I’m enjoying something, I want to know if there is much of it left because I want to enjoy it. If there isn’t that much, maybe I want to relish it or watch it again. I do it whether I like what I’m watching or not.

Another way to use this is if someone is asking you what time something comes on and you want to minimize the interruption to what you’re watching, especially if it’s at an important, detailed, or suspenseful part of what you’re watching.

A great way to use it is to show someone bugging you that there is only a little bit left of what you’re watching. This blocks any conversation about if what you’re saying is true, how much time is really left, etc.

How to Use The DirecTV One-Line Guide

What is the DirecTV One-Line Guide?
Instead of taking up the entire screen and interrupting what you’re watching, it leaves what you’re watching full screen and shows only a single line of the guide. It displays the time, date, channel, channel number, and show name. You can scroll through this information as normal but it is harder to navigate because you can’t see what is above or below that line.

How to bring up the One-Line Guide
Press the blue button below and to the right of the directional arrow pad.

How to hide the One-Line Guide
Press the blue button below and to the right of the directional arrows again. This will cause the guide to disappear.

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