How to Do a 30-Second Slip on a DirecTV Remote

Why Do it?
It’s funny that the image they made for this shows an Adam Sandler movie. I guess that was the first situation that came to mind where you would be bored and want to skip head, which is pretty bad for something that is supposed to be entertainment. More importantly, it can be used to skip ahead when you're trying to find a scene you like.

How to skip ahead 30 seconds in the boring parts of Adam Sandler Movies

What is it?
There’s a button on DirecTV Remote Controls that skips ahead 30 seconds in what is being viewed. When it is pressed, a high-speed clip will be displayed of the segment as it is fast forwarding.

How to do it:
Press the button to the top right of the play button. It’s usually white with a black rightward arrow pointing at a vertical black line.

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Happy 30-Second Slipping!

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