ClickerMart Launches Replacement Remote Control Store

Have you ever lost your remote? Ever drop it or spill something on it and had it stop working? Or maybe the dog got it. Remotes and dog slobber do not mix. Why buy a whole new TV or device just because the remote stopped working? Why not just replace the remote?

Ever wondered “Where can I get a replacement remote control?” ClickerMart is the answer.

A Remote Control for Everything
There’s a remote control for the TV, bluray, DVD player, stereo, cable box, satellite, VCR, CD changer, radio, receiver, home theatre audio, and projector. It seems like everything has a remote control now, even ceiling fans, air conditioners, lights, blinds, hot tub, heaters, and beds have remote controls. We’ve even come across some remotes for rocking chairs. You can’t be running out and buying new furniture, appliances, electronics, and maybe even paying to install them every time a remote breaks! Now you can just replace the remote at ClickerMart.
We’ve got thousands of remote controls in our inventory for every device you can imagine and new inventory constantly coming in all the time.

Free Shipping
Yes, FREE. You don’t have to worry about calculating the shipping with the zip code, what the weight is, what the dimensions are, whether it’s a business or home, none of that- it's just free. We take care of it for you.

Fast Shipping
If you can get your order in before the end of the day, we will ship it out that same day.

Find Your Remote Now
Just search your remote’s model number at the top or bottom of our site and let’s get you back to using your device without walking up to it to push a button every time you need to adjust something. 

Tell us the model number of your remote and device and let's get your new remote on its way to you!


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